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BuffEnuff® Percussion Massage Therapy Offers Natural Alternative for Relieving Chronic Pain & Muscle Soreness

BuffEnuff Percussive Massager

Back Pain Massager

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Ditch prescription medications, reduce pain, boost workout recovery, and treat sore muscles and myofascial pain naturally with the BuffEnuff® Power Massager.

BuffEnuff® promises to be the most therapeutic, relaxing, and affordable percussive massagers you’ve ever experienced, reducing inflammation boosting muscle repair, and relieving pain naturally.”
— Percussion Fitness founder, Dr. Warren Bruhl
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, April 19, 2018 / -- The BuffEnuff® Power Massager is a must-have fitness recovery tool to include in your workout routine, for speeding rehab, muscle recovery and breaking up scar tissue, as well as a natural drug-free alternative for treating chronic pain and stress.

Percussive Massagers have become the latest fitness trend these past few years and there’s a reason why. From boosting pre-workout warm up to easing sore muscle pain post-workout, percussive massagers are used by top chiropractors, massage therapists, fitness professionals, and top athletes and trainers across the country, including Percussion Fitness Co-Founders, Dr. Warren Bruhl and Licensed Massage Therapist Jason Auer-Sears who both use BuffEnuff® regularly in their practices.

A natural muscle and myofascial pain treatment method, more and more fitness enthusiasts and health professionals are turning to drug free alternatives for pain relief and the BuffEnuff® percussive massager provides the perfect combination of therapy and pain relief, offering all types of massages including sports massage, trigger point, myofascial release, deep tissue, partner massages, relaxation and more.

The BuffEnuff® Power Massager is a cordless handheld massager and vibrating fitness recovery tool manufactured by Percussion Fitness. Featuring a flat surface for expanded healing unlike any other cordless percussive massager in the fitness world, the BuffEnuff® Power Massager is a chiropractor and massage therapist approved treatment device featuring oscillating vibration therapy that has been shown to improve circulation, mobility and flexibility, while easing muscle pain without the commonly used painful knobs of other percussion massage devices on the market.

“BuffEnuff® promises to be the most therapeutic, relaxing, and affordable percussive massager you’ve ever experienced,” says chiropractor and Percussion Fitness founder, Dr. Warren Bruhl. “Its benefits go way beyond those of massage and has been shown to reduce inflammation, improve immune function, boost muscle repair, as well as relieve pain naturally.”

With the dangers of prescription painkillers on the rise and the growing epidemic of addiction, natural solutions for pain relief are more important than ever.

Providing an affordable and attainable natural solution to treating pain, the vibrating flat surface of the BuffEnuff® Power Massager relaxes sore muscles with warming percussive massage therapy, loosening stiff muscles before a workout or competition as well as easing muscle cramps and soreness post game or after a crushing workout. Busting the “no pain, no gain” myth, the BuffEnuff® Power massager is a therapeutic recovery tool that is all relaxation and gain, without any pain.

"If you’re looking for a natural way to ease chronic pain, muscle soreness, tight trigger points, headaches, anxiety, and/or to boost your workout fitness routine, the BuffEnuff® Power Massager may be the perfect personal massage device and fitness recovery tool for you," says Auer-Sears. "Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or an everyday user looking to treat pain and relax, BuffEnuff’s therapeutic action and warming vibration provides ultimate healing and relaxation and is also a great tool for clinical practitioners to use to enhance therapies."

About the BuffEnuff® Power Massager
Cordless with easy grip handles, BuffEnuff® is easy to use, both for self-care and for partner massage, and can be taken to the gym, to work, in your suitcase on vacation, wherever you are, providing healing percussive massage anywhere, anytime you need it. It’s also one of the most affordable percussive massagers on the market retailing online for $189.95 at

CrossFit Professional & Percussion Fitness Co-Owner Jimmy Greninger is a believer: "I had a rough last year completely tearing my Achilles. I used my BuffEnuff massager several times a day during my recovery. It minimized atrophy, gave incredible pain relief, created better blood flow so I didn’t have to worry about blood clots, and the best thing is, I could use it on myself! According to my PT Specialist and my Orthopedic Surgeon, the use of the BuffEnuff put my recovery WAY ahead of schedule!

30 Day No-Rise Money Back Guarantee
Percussion Fitness offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free. Compared to similar massage devices on the market, it’s one of the most affordable percussive massagers on the market, and with its cordless feature, one of the handiest fitness and recovery tools to use. It also feels AMAZING!

Once you experience the powerful healing vibrations and therapeutic action of the BuffEnuff® Power Massager, you may not even need to keep your pricey spa appointments. You’ll have the ultimate healing, pain relieving, muscle recovery device at your fingertips and you’ll be ready to massage those kinks and tough trigger points whenever you need to.

Experience the therapeutic action and the “Ahhhhh”. You won’t believe how wonderful it feels! Order your BuffEnuff® Power Massager at and treat yourself to daily massage, muscle recovery, and relaxation. Experience the good vibrations and experience the healing!

About Percussion Fitness
Percussion Fitness® is a unique company with dedicated leaders who understand consumer needs, fitness enthusiasts, and health professional’s healing goals for their clients. Led by a dynamic professional team including a top Chiropractor, CrossFit Trainer & Licensed Massage Therapist, Percussion Fitness® is the first company to introduce a cordless power massager that enables you to give yourself a great massage anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the company is dedicated to offering people around the world effective tools to self heal and improve quality of life with their ongoing support of non-profit Dreamweaver International that brings healthcare, education, humanitarian aid and hope to Kenya, East Africa as well as sports and hope to children around the world through their partner program, Gear for Goals.

Get the latest massage and workout recovery tutorials on using the BuffEnuff® "BE" Healing Technique® to soothe sore muscles, treat trigger points, ease chronic pain & relax online at

Join the BuffEnuff® Movement and Become a Reseller of Affiliate
Great for self-care, enhancing massage therapy sessions, and chiropractic adjustments, the BuffEnuff® percussive massager is used by top medical massage therapists and chiropractors to enhance treatment and offers wholesale discounts to clinical practitioners and fitness professionals. For more information on becoming a reseller or about the Percussion Fitness visit

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Percussion Fitness Co-Founder Dr. Warren Bruhl shares about Percussion Fitness, BuffEnuff® Power Massager, and their Mission for Healing.

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